Climb 4 Kim is a charity initiative in memory of my late mother Kim Rosenfeld to raise money for several different charities and causes by climbing many difficult and treacherous hills and/or mountains.


The whole idea came about after myself (Jamie) and my friend Anthony Waidhofer climbed Ben Nevis for charity and raised an exceptionally large amount of money for Pancreatic Cancer Action, which in turn funded the publishing and distribution of “Nourishing Your Body During Pancreatic Cancer Treatment”, a book developed by the University of Cork designed for those experiencing cancer-induced weight loss and is filled with high protein, high calorie easy to make recipes (available free of charge from


This then developed into a climb up Mount Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains with 17 eager climbers taking on a much bigger task. It was extremely tough at times but it was a truly breathtaking experience, and more importantly raised £25,000 for a variety of good causes.

Since then we have climbed across the dunes of the Sahara and are currently prepping to climb the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.

If you would like to know more information about our charity, drop us an email!


Thank you and much love,


Jamie Rosenfeld

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